Thursday, March 19, 2015

To Poncho or Not to Poncho

Every fall for the past.....however many years, has always left me with this query.  I always find a color or print on a poncho that I can't live without.  Post-It memo pink!  Taupe and black!  Lace!  Cotton-poly blend!  Who can decide?

Here's the thing; what body shape does a poncho actually flatter?  None.  Not a single one.  Whether you are a bean pole or voluptuous and curvy, it matters not.  There is never a shortage of choices when the Pre-fall selections pop up in and on your favorite stores and websites.

Now, i'm sure that if you decide to forgo my advice and wear a poncho you will look fabulous in it.  Just keep in mind that most of the people you pass on the street will contemplate if you were actually wearing a Snuggie or not.