Thursday, December 27, 2012

Style Nemesis

Do you ever watch E! Fashion Police thinking the same thing I am… is Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers judging anyone about their appearance?!  So, I'm asking you for your opinion….we all have our best and worst dressed lists, of course.  Even when our favorite celebrities get it wrong from time to time, we still think they can pull off whatever crazy ensemble they've pulled together because they've done so well at every other event in the past.  I think the majority of the time, when a fad pops up, people try so hard to be the trend setter that everyone else follows that the whole thing is a bust.

When I refer to a "style nemesis" I'm talking about someone that constantly and consistently gets it wrong, when in their mind, they just know they're going to be the "belle of the ball."  They're all habitual offenders, absolutely confident that they look absolutely fabulous.  They genuinely believe that they have physical attributes strong enough to pull off anything.

I'm not talking about Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj.  Yes, they always look completely outlandish, but they are known for just that, it's part of their celebrity.  For example…..Rihanna, Fergie and Mischa Barton are three of mine.  All of these ladies are so sure that they can get away with anything, like white pumps or acid wash denim.  It's impossible, stop trying!  So I ask you, who is your style nemesis?




1. Something a person cannot conquer or achieve.

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