Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guess Who?

Does anyone know who this is?

It's Grace Coddington, Creative Director of Vogue.  She was hired by Anna Wintour herself in 1988 after having worked for Calvin Klein as the Design Director.  In the documentary The September Issue, it shows Grace's incredible talent and work ethic.  She is the driving force behind Vogue and Ms. Wintour, herself.
Don't forget that it's that time of the year, for the 2012 September Issue to hit shelves and it's a must-have.  If there was ever any question about what's in or what's out, it is a necessity.  If you're looking for trends in hair, clothes, accessories, make-up, whatever get it now!


  1. and she likes kittehs...kittehs that look like her.

  2. she does! i just read an article about that. she's obsessed!