Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"Bohemainism:  The practice of an unconventional lifestyle….involving music, artistic or literary pursuits."

A lesser known fact, some of these groups that were usually associated with being wanderers actually chose poverty for unknown reasons.  They were and still are very colorful people, blending bold ethnic prints with an attentiveness towards the ever popular "free love."  While they are still referred to as offbeat and bizarre, I believe this is what draws people to their culture.  And although bohemians didn't frequent hair salons years ago, these past few years have been a different story.

More and more often, women are coming in to salons asking for a "natural" look, the same look that bohemians used to be able to pull off free of charge.  Long gone are the days of lying around in fields of green braiding each others hair and weaving together necklaces made of daisies.  We no longer have the luxury of achieving the sun-kissed look simply by letting the sun "kiss" your hair and skin for hours on end.

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