Monday, October 15, 2012

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel
August 29, 1921-Present

Iris Apfel, a native new yorker, born to an entrepreneurial father and fashion-forward mother.  After studying art history at NYU and marrying her husband Carl, the pair began Old World Weavers, creating textiles for furniture.  In the past few decades she has worked under nine presidents and been the subject of many museum exhibits.  At some point caught the eye of the press with her outlandish style.

You ask her a question and she'll freely give you her response and along with her signature owl-shaped glasses and endless amount of beads and bangles that's most likely why people can't forget her.  Case in point, I'm sure a good bit of people see Iris and think she's too eccentric, but she definitely catches your eye.  So, why not be different, why not try something new, instead of jumping the gun being completely positive that you won't look good in something you usually wouldn't even try on.  Do it anyway!

In my experience, all it takes is one person, a stranger of course, to give you a compliment on your appearance and it's a done deal.  I'm sure there's some very reasonable explanation of why it has to be a random persons admiration, maybe it's because your friends and family are partial and an unknown has no reason to lie.  So I encourage you to try it.  Find something of your own to make your signature piece.  Mrs. Apfel has her larger than life accessories, Anna Wintour has her stylish never changing bob…..  I guarantee that it will give you a boldness you never knew you had.  

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